Exhibition on art and artificial intelligence
18-20 may 2024 van 10.00-17.00 / Naarden-Vesting, Bussummerstraat 64
Pop-UP Gallery / Free Entrance

This Pentecost weekend, from May 18 to May 20, we invite you to join us at Naarden-Vesting for AI-ID, an exhibition where art and artificial intelligence converge. Artist Dimitry van den Berg and curator Suzanna Kuhuparuw will showcase new works that fuse technology with artistic expression.

Discover a series of artworks publicly displayed for the first time. The collection features paintings, sculptures, music, neon, video, and promptography, each illustrating the collaboration with AI. Explore how these technologies are redefining and transforming art, from conception to execution.

WORKS on display


The AI-ID exhibition features a lot of promptography, where Dimitry van den Berg uses this technique as a starting point for his creative process. He converts short descriptions into photorealistic images using AI, and then further manipulates these images. This method demonstrates how promptography challenges artists to explore and apply the possibilities of AI in their work.


The centerpiece of the exhibition, “AI-ID,” is a blend of promptography and AI video. In this installation, AI-generated passport photos are brought to life, blurring the lines between real and unreal. This work invites reflection on the essence of being human in an era where artificial images are becoming increasingly dominant in our visual landscape.


Music made with Ai

The exhibition also presents two new pop songs created in collaboration with AI. These songs have been edited and performed by real artists. Both songs feature a Haarlem touch, as Dimitry is from Haarlem. You can listen to the AI version of these and other songs on Spotify



In this exhibition, there is also a 3D-printed sculpture on display that was designed in collaboration with AI. This sculpture, printed with a stone-like material, has the texture and appearance as if it were crafted by a traditional sculptor.




Dimitry van den Berg

The AI-ID exhibition features new work by Dimitry van den Berg. Originally a 3D animator, he shifted his focus two years ago to creating art using AI. His work has been exhibited in various galleries. Additionally, he has received regular media attention, including in De Volkskrant (Dutch) and on RTL Nieuws. Dimitry also frequently lectures on the integration of AI and art.


Suzanna Kuhuparuw

The exhibition is curated by Suzanna Kuhuparuw. Originally trained as a photographer at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, she now devotes her time and space to showcasing Dimitry’s work. Suzanna and her family recently moved to Naarden-Vesting. She is keen on revitalizing the art scene in Naarden.


Dimitry van den Berg

+316 1430 8270

Suzanna Kuhuparuw

+31 6 27151127